Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Sign of Leo

Many sightings of the Beast of Bodmin Moor say that it is lion-like, this could be a thought form emanation from the Leo Zodiac outline, which in turn may indicate the boundaries of a Mesolithic (and later Celtic) tribal area.

Leo’s body lies over Goonzion Downs, he is the Lion of Goonzion. Leo also stands on the village of Ley, it could be said that he is a “Ley lion”. Another place name that makes up his outline is Luna. Luna is the Latin name of the Earth's Moon as well as the Roman moon goddess Luna. Leo also stands over the 1412 Pant(h)ers Bridge. Leonine imagery abounds in the two churches within this sign, in the church at Warleggan, there is a stone carving of a large (and sexually excited) lion on the wall, as well as one on the floor. In the15th century Parish Church of St. Neot there are many lions in the twelve stained glasses. In two stained glass picture here, St Neot’s well is shown with a golden lion’s head.

There is only one public house within the outline of the lion, the London Inn at St Neot, there is a large brass lion fixed to the pub’s front door. The 'Roaring Shaft' in the complex of mines on Goonzion Down has been said to make a roar like 'a battery of stamps falling regularly with thuds and reverberated through the ground'. These noises may have been natural in origin, but they served to feed the dark images of monstrous beasts and spirits in the minds of those who worked to mine copper, silver and gold.

St Neot is one of many connections between the Bodmin Moor Zodiac and the Glastonbury Zodiac and the village lies within Leo’s boundaries. Neot or St Anietus was a monk and hermit at Glastonbury Abbey in the 9th century accounts say that he died in 877 of natural causes. The most notable tale about him is that he was supposedly only 15 inches tall. Neot is said to have worked miracles with animals and birds as well as fish, these strong connections with animals indicate a familiarity with the “Zoo” that makes up the Bodmin Moor "Zoo"diac. When Neot later fell ill his servant Barius visited the well and took two fish to his master. Neot ordered these to be returned and they were restored to life - a local miracle that reminds us of the yearly rebirth of the Pisces fishes. Another stained glass in St Neot church shows Jesus and his disciples around a round table, pointing us to the Christianisation of solar King Arthur’s Round Table legend, the table being the Zodiac circle. St Neot's memorial day is celebrated on 31 July while the sun is in the house of Leo, and traditional carnival festivities occur in both Leo’s villages of St Neot and Mount during this period.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Meaning of the Bodmin Moor Zodiac

The scientific establishment has trouble with map dowsing but it is just a particular example of a phenomenon that is universal. Religious relics, religious symbols, paintings, statues, even pieces of music are gateways to the energy of the ideas they represent. All form is energy held into a place. Energy constantly radiates outward creating copies of itself - images in the eyes of those who see. This is how our eyes see and this is how we dowse the feelings of a place from a representation that connects us to the energy of a place. Using a dowsing instrument like a map, or a digitalised aerial photograph, allows your subconscious to tap in to the wealth of information available from this superconscious energy. It follows, therefore, that dowsing using digital information is the most physical type of dowsing because it is closely related to your body's own sensitivity to the informational currents that surround us. Using computer graphics in this research allows the physical body to tune in to electrical currents. It becomes more psychic in nature however, because you really have to let your rational mind let go of preconceptions in order to get in touch with energies of which you may not be fully conscious. This simple intuition is the reason many people talk to their computers.

Once in a while, governments like to control public interest in unexplained phenomena they cannot control by 'debunking' – a technique developed by the US government after WWII for the sad purpose of controlling mass opinion (as stated in the 1953 Robertson Panel, details of which are obtained under the US Freedom of Information Act). This method is very effective because it makes use of two extraordinarily simple tools of mass control – ridicule and fear. But only if you are prepared to believe everything you are told on television and newspapers, particularly when TV programmes suppress scientific or factual data with which the public can form an educated opinion on the subject. This absence of evidence is then replaced by ridiculing the subject through association with other 'fringe' topics; so-called 'experts' are brought-in to explain away all events as tricks of the imagination – freak weather conditions, drunk students, even sexually excited animals! Localised tornadoes, wind gusts and plasma vortices may have accounted for some of the simple designs but these explanations do not hold up for some of the extremely complex Bodmin Zodiac designs. All ancient sites are probably older than their official dating, since engineered works of earth, stone and wood were not their first incarnation – many of them will have started simply as a glade, a cairn or the abode of a spirit, recognised by the people as a sacred or special place. The Megalithic period spanned at least 15 centuries, during which time Britain transformed from a multiplicity of tribal areas to something akin to a nation, and back again – a cycle which also took place in Celtic, Roman and Saxon times.

It is possible that the Zodiac signs contain traces of some sort of microwave radiation that has boiled the water in the underground water system, causing streams to expand and sometimes burst at the "growth nodes" causing the landscape to bend, thus forming the astronomical glyph. Other anomalies are distorted magnetic fields that cause compasses to spin, strange sounds (like numerous crickets screeching), out-of place animals (The Beast of Bodmin Moor), alien beings (piskies, knockers, buckas) and sightings of UFOs and strange lights in the area.

It is possible that the Bodmin Zodiac designs may be caused by “fairy rings” where fungal circles are formed by a spreading mycelium. Older, larger fungal circles are not recognized when they have broken into arcs or patches. In Scandinavia and in Britain, the phenomenon of mushrooms or puffballs forming circles in a patch of meadow or pasture was referred to in folklore as älvringar, heksering, pixie circles or elf circles, and was attributed by country folk to mystical forces. This phenomenon is commonplace and is recognized as the natural growth of fungus colonies. The discovery of the world's largest fungus - up to 8,500 years old and carpeting nearly 10 square kilometres of forest floor - has raised questions about what constitutes an individual organism. A study of a tree-killing fungus in rugged northeast Oregon, USA, found that a single individual covered an area equivalent to about 1,600 football fields, according to a report in the current issue of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research. "The fact that an organism like this has been growing in the forest for thousands of years really expands our view of the forest ecosystem and how it works," said Dr Catherine Parks, a pathologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture who led the study. "From a broad scientific view, it challenges what we think of as an individual organism."

The patterns may be cause by subsoil variations, the differential ripening of the crop that revealed differences in the subsoil. Terrestrial Zodiacs are organized harmonic forms that manifest around the world, the result of an energy interacting with the physical world. This energy is comprised of light, sound and magnetism. The way they show up on maps may be related to something called the "Backster Effect." named after Cleve Backster, a lie detector specialist who attached a galvanic skin response detector) to the top leaf of a plant. This device measures the electrical resistance of the leaf. Backster watered the plant, intending to measure the amount of time it would take for the water to reach the leaf and change its electrical resistance. To his surprise, the detector immediately indicated a response that correlated with a "happy" response in humans (the galvanic skin response that equates with a happy state). Puzzled, he decided to measure a traumatic response in the plant by burning a leaf. The plant showed a fear response on the lie detector as soon as he had the thought. Backster's experiments have been duplicated thousands of times, using many variations, by many scientists. These experiments and others like them have been argued to show that there is some type of energy a "superconscious energy that seems to have been flowing through Backster's mind and the plant. Have you ever felt ill at ease or apprehensive for no apparent reason? Perhaps this is the undetected energy that explains a mother's intuition.

The Zodiac features appear to be subjected to a short and intense burst of heat which softens foliage growing just above the ground, where they reharden into their new and very permanent position without damage. Plant biologists are baffled by this feature, and it is the single most important method of identifying the Zodiac formation. Research and laboratory tests suggest that infrasound (sound below 20 Hz) is capable of producing such an effect: High-pressure infrasound is capable of boiling water inside the stems in one nanosecond, expanding the water, and leaving tiny blowholes in the plants' nodes. The pressure applied also causes the water to steam, and it is reported by farmers that when they stumble upon a new Zodiac sign they see steam rising from within the design. This process creates surface charring. The tremendous application of local heat is also responsible for altering the local water table, as millions of gallons of surface and sub-surface water evaporates. With the heat and electro-magnetic frequencies applied, it has been scientifically documented that soil samples taken from within Zodiac signs show changes to its crystalline structure and mineral composition. Expert analysis concludes that such a process requires temperatures of 1500º C and sub-soil pressure typically found in strata thousands of years old. Evidence even exists of four non-naturally occurring, short-life radioactive isotopes in the soil inside genuine Zodiac signs (these dissipate after three or four hours, causing no adverse side effects); in fact, the soil in and around them appears to have been baked.

The Zodiac outlines also show existence of ultrasound –sound above the human hearing range – and such frequencies are known to exist at ancient sites such as stone circles, long barrows, tumuli, dolmens and menhirs. And like all sacred sites, temples and places of worship – such as Gothic cathedrals – the Bodmin Moor Zodiac appears at the intersecting points of the Earth's magnetic pathways of energy. Thus the size and shape of the Zodiac Zodiac sign is determined by the area of these 'node' points at the time of their appearance, around the time of the last Ice Age .

This electric and magnetic energy can interact with brainwave patterns, and because the human body is itself electro-magnetic, Zodiac signs are known to affect people's biophysical rhythms. Consequently, it is not unusual for people to experience heightened states of awareness and healings in The Bodmin Moor Zodiac – a situation common to sacred sites and holy spaces. People are said to be lost on the Moors, to be pisky-led. They may also experience dizziness, disorientation and nausea. All these effects can be caused by prolonged exposure to both infrasound or microwaves, which also interact with the water in the body.

Other evidence from The Zodiac shows how it is constructed in mathematical proportions relative to the Golden Mean, the fundamental vortex used by nature to create organisms such as shells, sunflowers, galaxies, even the spatial relationship of the bones in the human hand. The Bodmin Moor Zodiac is not perfectly round but slightly elliptical. Recordings of ritual walks on the Zodiac are sometimes accompanied by trilling sounds, and analysed by sound engineers as being artificial in origin, and bearing a harmonic frequency of 5.2 kHz. Mathematically, they are invisibly encoded with sacred geometry – those harmonic ratios that govern the relationship between the orbits of planets in our solar system.

The Bodmin Moor Zodiac alters the local electromagnetic field; often compasses cannot locate north, and cameras and mobile phones malfunction. Whole packs of fresh batteries are drained in minutes, and the frequencies involved have been known to affect helicopter and aircraft equipment. Radio frequencies are markedly different inside the space; farm animals avoid the Zodiac outlines or have been known to become agitated and attack passers-by.

The Michael-Mary Ley joins the Cheesewring with St Michael's Mount, Glastonbury Tor & Avebury and is connected to Beltane and Llughnasad (Lammas) Sunrise/Sunset. The Solstice Ley connects Rough Tor road with Cheesewring, Brown Willy etc with Tintagel Island (birthplace of solar King Arthur) and is the line of sunrise/sunset at summer solstice. The Zodiac outlines materialize at crossing points along the Earth's magnetic energy currents, they are influencing the energy patterns of local prehistoric sites, which were built upon identical principles. They reference local Neolithic sites in size/shape/direction, and are dowsable upon entry, with as many as 150 concentric rings of energy radiating beyond their physical perimeter, like ripples in a pond. In fact, the energy imprint of the formations will still be dowsed, long after their physical traces have vanished.

This area of research has allowed for the possibility of the Bodmin Moor Zodiac as a healing force, and their images are already being successfully employed in radionics, flower essences and resonance therapy, both for people and environments in distress. Some of these protocols have been scientifically validated.

Still not convinced that a genuine phenomenon is at work? This web site contains a sampling of the on-going research dedicated to enlightening the public. Look at the pictures, study the research or better still, visit the Bodmin Moor Zodiac.